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5 Things you are Probably Doing Wrong as a Content Marketer

Content is king! Well, it won’t be king for long if you are doing content marketing wrong, so do the right things. I found this article over on and it shows nicely the 5 things that are so easy to not do but can have a big impact on your content marketing.

Just to summarise here is the list just to drive these points home, but please go through and read the rest of the article.

1. Not writing for your Target Audience

It’s not good writing in jargon if your target audience will not understand it, write how they will speak and understand. But
I wouldn’t recommend trying to “get down with the kids” that’s just embarrassing.

2. Settling for Boring Headlines

Would you be interested in reading something with a boring title that doesn’t grab you? No, nor will your audience … Have a look at’s Headline Analyzer for inspiration

3. Not Offering any Benefits

Everyone like to get something, this can be a free check-list or just a tip or video about something the audience is interested in.

4. Forgetting to optimize

Your audience as much as they may love you will not hang around for long while your page loads…so make it snappy and speed it up as much as possible.

5. Being Anti-Social

No man is an island, and nor or are you so be involved, interact say hello to your followers and reach reach out.

So that’s the summary here is the the post itself and try be stuck with doing content marketing wrong

Source: 5 Things You Are Probably Doing Wrong as a Content Marketer

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