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Search Engine Optimization or SEO as its often referred to, is the cornerstone of a good Digital Strategy. Having your website optimized gives you a better chance of appearing in the top results on search engines. Once you have made the investment in optimization the traffic you get as a result is effectively free. More traffic means more leads, more customers and more business and happier bosses!

We have a three levels of service which we provide to make things as simple as possible.

SEO Level 1 – Bronze

The first part of our Search engine optimization service is to undertake an audit of your website so we can see how things stand at the right now. We will analyze and provide a report on the following areas:

  • Keywords analysis – We will ask for a sample of keywords you currently think your customers would use to find your business
  • Competitors analysis – Current competitors that feature in results from keyword searches
  • Technical Website analysis – Technical factors that influence your websites standing


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SEO Level 2 – Silver

The second level of service is a one off optimization of your website. Taking the free SEO audit as a basis, we will provide you with the following:


  • Website Edits: We’ll make edits to your web pages, including title tags, and meta descriptions. We will also edit or re-write your webpage body copy in order to ensure it meets SEO best practices for length and writing quality
  • Google+, Bing, & Yahoo Local optimization: If your business is targeting local customers, we’ll setup and optimize your Google+, Bing, and Yahoo Local pages to help your listings rank higher in the local search results
  • Technical SEO improvements: We’ll ensure that all of your pages are getting properly indexed, and we’ll fix any technical errors as needed (including broken links, canonicalization, schema, sitemap, security, and others)
  • Analytics setup & configuration: We’ll make sure your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts are configured properly so we can accurately measure your SEO rankings, traffic, and conversions.


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SEO Level 3 – Gold

Building on Levels 1 and 2 we are pleased to offer the Level 3. its not called Gold for nothing!

Level 3 is an ongoing monthly subscription service where we actively monitor and manage your SEO activities including:


  • Content Marketing: Creating quality content is the most effective way to get quality links to your website. We can handle all of the content creation for you, and we also give you opportunities to review and provide feedback, so the content is always up to your standards
  • Directory Submissions: We’ll submit your business to directories. Directories help to build a foundation of high-quality links and citations to the website
  • Backlinks: We will conduct research other website owners in order to build links and generate new content marketing opportunities
  • Ongoing Website SEO Edits: Using our research and analysis on an ongoing basis we can make updates to existing content to tweak the content to further optimize that webpage so it can rank an realise its potential
  • Monthly SEO Reports & Consultations: We’ll provide monthly SEO reports highlighting trends for your website traffic, conversions, and Google rankings.

Do you really need to leave Search Engine optimization to chance?


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