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Awesome Facebook Ad targeting options

While doing some research on Facebook ad targeting the other day,  I stumbled across this infographic the other day. I have to say this is so useful when you are thinking about Facebook marketing for your small business.

As you know one of the strengths of using Facebook for your business is its ability to tightly target your ads and posts to make sure you hit your audience.

This infographic by the clever people over at Wordstream shows all the bits and pieces you can tweak and aim at.

So when you are writing your Facebook posts or ads you can tailor the copy up front just by checking this infographic and making sure it matches who you want to reach.

Its broken down into distinct sections

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behaviours
  • Connections
  • Re marketing

So have this to hand when you are writing your ads, could save you so much time and effort!

Good Luck

Facebook has the best ad targeting options of any ad platform. Check out the full list of ad targeting options you can use to target the exact right audience in Facebook!

SEO for Small Business in sussex

7 Benefits of SEO for Small Business in Sussex

So you are interested in SEO for small business in sussex, well we have 7 completely amazing benefits that you need to know. Sussex is a county situated in the south eastern region of England with a rich historical background. It has a vibrant business environment that has grown to be more competitive by the day. For a small business to make headway in such conditions, it needs an added advantage. Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is popularly known as is the added advantage for small businesses.

So what are the benefits of SEO for  small business in Sussex?
Search Engine Optimization will help a small business in Sussex in the following ways:

Creating a better and a more user friendly website

Search Engine Optimization techniques benefit small businesses as they create websites that are more user friendly, are faster in executing commands and in overall offers users a better experience. This will lead to increased traffic and definitely good sales.

Find new customers and promote growth

Search Engine Optimization techniques can assists a small business to get better rankings on search engines. This positively translates into a larger customer base as more and more customer visit the website of a business. Ultimately a small business can significantly grow to a corporate giant due to Search Engine Optimization.

Explore new markets

Launching a successful Sussex Search Engine Optimization campaign will assist small businesses to access new markets and even explore new economies. This can be efficiently facilitated by market places on smart phones and more so by platforms on social media.

Achieve improved conversion rates

A website that is search engine optimized tends to have faster command execution, has an interface that can be used with ease and has excellent compatibility with tablet and smart phone devices. This usually results into a good conversion. Conversion in this case refers to visitors to a business website ending up to be loyal customers or subscribers.

Build awareness for a small business brand

SEO Sussex can benefit small businesses by helping them build awareness for their brand via better rankings on search engines. The logic behind it is that customers have a high likelihood of trusting a business brand if it appears in the first results of a search.

Bypass competition

Search engine optimization becomes most useful when you are in business with lots of others in a similar niche with same products and prices. SEO will set you apart from the competition. Done right can decide if profits or losses are made.

Open your small business 24×7

SEO Sussex enables small businesses to be open to clients even if their premises are physically closed. This is beneficial as it improves sales.

Sussex SEO is the future for small businesses in the area as it has benefits for them as seen above.

SEO Check up

Free SEO check up

Give your website a FREE SEO check up

We all know the importance of a good SEO strategy (if you don’t read about SEO) so we are now offering a FREE SEO check up report.

Why do you need a free SEO check up?

  • Making the most of search engine optimisation or SEO is the difference between being seen or not missed, being on page 1 or page 101.
  • SEO is not a quick fix to Google domination!
  • It takes time to build a reputation and it involves having something to say and people to listen

The search engine rules change often because Google Bing and Yahoo want to ensure that people get the best results for the things they search for. Without an SEO strategy you can be stumbling blind and letting leads and sales slip through your fingers, or worse go to your competitors! So let us help you take that first step getting to grips with SEO and fulfilling your Digital Marketing Strategy.

If you are a small business in Eastbourne, Hastings, Sussex or anywhere who has yet to embrace SEO then don’t waste any more time and let us show you how you are doing.

Your website is the single most important thing to your business in this digital world

Our basic report will show what keywords you are targeting and how they stack up with your competitors. Fill in the short form below an we will get back to you.