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Social media marketing

Should your business use social media marketing?

Everywhere we look there is someone shouting about social media. Every company wants us to like them or follow them. This makes perfect sense because there are very few people that don’t have some form of social media. Any given person, on any given day, can be followed through social media detailing what they are doing, who they are with, and even what are they eating. It is little wonder why social media marketing is so beneficial to companies.

Why it works for your business

Facebook marketing is becoming bigger as time goes by, and the reasons abound for that. The ability to target your ad to your audience by what they admittedly like and don’t like is something that every marketing agent could only dream of. That is exactly what Facebook ads do. They put your company right at the fingertips of people who have liked similar products or visited your page.
The benefits are obvious.
You get organic traffic based on solid leads. Your sales are going to increase without having to spend a fortune on advertising. Facebook marketing, along with other forms of social media marketing, is going to bring results. Coupled with the ability to place a buy now button, and you are going to be able to run some businesses without a bricks and mortar high street presence .

Why it might not work for you

The downside of social media marketing, including Facebook marketing and Facebook ads, is a little tricky to see. Mostly this is because of how easy it is to get results. However, small business may have to invest in new marketing strategies to make their Facebook ads stand out among the others. Consumers are bombarded with all kinds of ads that contain products that they love. It makes it easy to get lost in the crowd.

When you start looking at the processes that go into developing these ads it can be overwhelming. Not to mention how some social media marketing now includes pictures, videos, and interactions that can be overstimulating or too in your face. Some business find that they are having to create new job roles just to handle the hourly, or daily, posts that is needed to keep them fresh in the feeds of social media. For small business its not financially practical to hire someone just to do the social marketing. But then if you don’t, your business can miss out a real catch 22!

So what can you do?

Facebook marketing, Facebook ads, or any other social media marketing will work. However, like anything else, you have to weigh out the pros and the cons of investing. If you don’t know how to do it, or don’t have the time to embrace it properly, what can you do?

Well you can read and learn how to do it yourself or you can outsource to people who can help you through it.

Either way your business can not ignore social media marketing today.