Awesome Facebook Ad targeting options

While doing some research on Facebook ad targeting the other day,  I stumbled across this infographic the other day. I have to say this is so useful when you are thinking about Facebook marketing for your small business.

As you know one of the strengths of using Facebook for your business is its ability to tightly target your ads and posts to make sure you hit your audience.

This infographic by the clever people over at Wordstream shows all the bits and pieces you can tweak and aim at.

So when you are writing your Facebook posts or ads you can tailor the copy up front just by checking this infographic and making sure it matches who you want to reach.

Its broken down into distinct sections

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behaviours
  • Connections
  • Re marketing

So have this to hand when you are writing your ads, could save you so much time and effort!

Good Luck

Facebook has the best ad targeting options of any ad platform. Check out the full list of ad targeting options you can use to target the exact right audience in Facebook!

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