The 3 Laws of Content Marketing

The Laws of Content Marketing can mean so much to so many different people. If you ask a dozen content marketers, bloggers or life brand gurus what it means you will get a dozen different answers.

Having spent a long time researching, reading, training and doing I firmly believe that content marketing it all boils down to just 3 Laws of Content Marketing.

So what are the 3 Laws of Content Marketing?

1st Law: Talk how they talk and be where they are

You need to be able to speak using the language that your target audience understands in terms of pitch and tone, not only the words you use. You need to be in places they are. So if they are on Twitter, it’s no good writing reams and reams on Linked-in.

2nd Law: Hear what they want and say what they need

You can write about whatever you like but if no one reads it, it’s not marketing. Content or otherwise, it’s just noise. It’s not informative if no one wants the information. Content marketing addresses then needs and wants of the reader. Information is what they want so listen and ask what they need to know.

3rd Law: Give them more than you expect to receive

To make people happy they like to receive things. This could be a gold star or a compliment or anything. Were you never told its better to give than to receive? Give something of yourself and it will be repaid many times over. This applies to friends, with communities and also with your target audience.

Why only 3 laws?

If you Google Laws of Content Marketing you get any number going from 4 t0 44.Who ever managed to follow and remember 44 rules?

The 10 commandments only had 10 for a reason, any more would be forgot or ignored. Added to that fact they were on stone tablets that would be pretty heavy.

The Original American Constitution had seven articles before it had a load of amendments made.

Proving why these three laws are worthy of following is a simple as applying Occam’s razor. For those that don’t know Occam’s razor is a problem-solving principle that you hear people quote when they want to sound clever.

Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.”
Occam’s razor

So keep it simple, three laws easy to follow, easy to get right every time. Not 4, and definitely not 44!

Will you follow the 3 Laws of Content Marketing from now on?



doing content marketing wrong

5 Things you are Probably Doing Wrong as a Content Marketer

Content is king! Well, it won’t be king for long if you are doing content marketing wrong, so do the right things. I found this article over on and it shows nicely the 5 things that are so easy to not do but can have a big impact on your content marketing.

Just to summarise here is the list just to drive these points home, but please go through and read the rest of the article.

1. Not writing for your Target Audience

It’s not good writing in jargon if your target audience will not understand it, write how they will speak and understand. But
I wouldn’t recommend trying to “get down with the kids” that’s just embarrassing.

2. Settling for Boring Headlines

Would you be interested in reading something with a boring title that doesn’t grab you? No, nor will your audience … Have a look at’s Headline Analyzer for inspiration

3. Not Offering any Benefits

Everyone like to get something, this can be a free check-list or just a tip or video about something the audience is interested in.

4. Forgetting to optimize

Your audience as much as they may love you will not hang around for long while your page loads…so make it snappy and speed it up as much as possible.

5. Being Anti-Social

No man is an island, and nor or are you so be involved, interact say hello to your followers and reach reach out.

So that’s the summary here is the the post itself and try be stuck with doing content marketing wrong

Source: 5 Things You Are Probably Doing Wrong as a Content Marketer

Awesome Facebook Ad targeting options

While doing some research on Facebook ad targeting the other day,  I stumbled across this infographic the other day. I have to say this is so useful when you are thinking about Facebook marketing for your small business.

As you know one of the strengths of using Facebook for your business is its ability to tightly target your ads and posts to make sure you hit your audience.

This infographic by the clever people over at Wordstream shows all the bits and pieces you can tweak and aim at.

So when you are writing your Facebook posts or ads you can tailor the copy up front just by checking this infographic and making sure it matches who you want to reach.

Its broken down into distinct sections

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behaviours
  • Connections
  • Re marketing

So have this to hand when you are writing your ads, could save you so much time and effort!

Good Luck

Facebook has the best ad targeting options of any ad platform. Check out the full list of ad targeting options you can use to target the exact right audience in Facebook!

Social media marketing

Should your business use social media marketing?

Everywhere we look there is someone shouting about social media. Every company wants us to like them or follow them. This makes perfect sense because there are very few people that don’t have some form of social media. Any given person, on any given day, can be followed through social media detailing what they are doing, who they are with, and even what are they eating. It is little wonder why social media marketing is so beneficial to companies.

Why it works for your business

Facebook marketing is becoming bigger as time goes by, and the reasons abound for that. The ability to target your ad to your audience by what they admittedly like and don’t like is something that every marketing agent could only dream of. That is exactly what Facebook ads do. They put your company right at the fingertips of people who have liked similar products or visited your page.
The benefits are obvious.
You get organic traffic based on solid leads. Your sales are going to increase without having to spend a fortune on advertising. Facebook marketing, along with other forms of social media marketing, is going to bring results. Coupled with the ability to place a buy now button, and you are going to be able to run some businesses without a bricks and mortar high street presence .

Why it might not work for you

The downside of social media marketing, including Facebook marketing and Facebook ads, is a little tricky to see. Mostly this is because of how easy it is to get results. However, small business may have to invest in new marketing strategies to make their Facebook ads stand out among the others. Consumers are bombarded with all kinds of ads that contain products that they love. It makes it easy to get lost in the crowd.

When you start looking at the processes that go into developing these ads it can be overwhelming. Not to mention how some social media marketing now includes pictures, videos, and interactions that can be overstimulating or too in your face. Some business find that they are having to create new job roles just to handle the hourly, or daily, posts that is needed to keep them fresh in the feeds of social media. For small business its not financially practical to hire someone just to do the social marketing. But then if you don’t, your business can miss out a real catch 22!

So what can you do?

Facebook marketing, Facebook ads, or any other social media marketing will work. However, like anything else, you have to weigh out the pros and the cons of investing. If you don’t know how to do it, or don’t have the time to embrace it properly, what can you do?

Well you can read and learn how to do it yourself or you can outsource to people who can help you through it.

Either way your business can not ignore social media marketing today.

SEO for Small Business in sussex

7 Benefits of SEO for Small Business in Sussex

So you are interested in SEO for small business in sussex, well we have 7 completely amazing benefits that you need to know. Sussex is a county situated in the south eastern region of England with a rich historical background. It has a vibrant business environment that has grown to be more competitive by the day. For a small business to make headway in such conditions, it needs an added advantage. Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is popularly known as is the added advantage for small businesses.

So what are the benefits of SEO for  small business in Sussex?
Search Engine Optimization will help a small business in Sussex in the following ways:

Creating a better and a more user friendly website

Search Engine Optimization techniques benefit small businesses as they create websites that are more user friendly, are faster in executing commands and in overall offers users a better experience. This will lead to increased traffic and definitely good sales.

Find new customers and promote growth

Search Engine Optimization techniques can assists a small business to get better rankings on search engines. This positively translates into a larger customer base as more and more customer visit the website of a business. Ultimately a small business can significantly grow to a corporate giant due to Search Engine Optimization.

Explore new markets

Launching a successful Sussex Search Engine Optimization campaign will assist small businesses to access new markets and even explore new economies. This can be efficiently facilitated by market places on smart phones and more so by platforms on social media.

Achieve improved conversion rates

A website that is search engine optimized tends to have faster command execution, has an interface that can be used with ease and has excellent compatibility with tablet and smart phone devices. This usually results into a good conversion. Conversion in this case refers to visitors to a business website ending up to be loyal customers or subscribers.

Build awareness for a small business brand

SEO Sussex can benefit small businesses by helping them build awareness for their brand via better rankings on search engines. The logic behind it is that customers have a high likelihood of trusting a business brand if it appears in the first results of a search.

Bypass competition

Search engine optimization becomes most useful when you are in business with lots of others in a similar niche with same products and prices. SEO will set you apart from the competition. Done right can decide if profits or losses are made.

Open your small business 24×7

SEO Sussex enables small businesses to be open to clients even if their premises are physically closed. This is beneficial as it improves sales.

Sussex SEO is the future for small businesses in the area as it has benefits for them as seen above.