What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads allows you to reach a really specific audience by integrating refined ads into the user’s news feed. For those that do not know Facebook, the news feed is the “home page” where a user views all the most recent updates from friends, celebrities they follow and other fashionable stories.

Ads fit into the news feed seamlessly: They seem just like another post or story, with the only distinction being the little gray bit that reads “Suggested Post” and “Sponsored” next to your ad. You can even have your ads show up within the right-hand sidebar:

Facebook Ads advantages

This is the first major strength of Facebook. Placed next to posts from old school friends, family and trending news stories, your ads are more specific and interesting to users than, say, a banner ad on a website. So your ads will form part of a users feed so as they scroll through they will see it in a very unobtrusive but targetted way.

The second major strength is the ability to focus on specific users. You can show your ad solely to men or girls, users in a particular age group, those in a geographic location, newly engaged couples, parents, or people that “like” a specific hobby like football, cooking or graphic novels. These are a few ways to reach the thousands of various target users on Facebook. Also, all of these factors are often applied combination to drill right down to a really specific audience.

The 3rd strength of Facebook ads is the low price of entry. For as little as £5/day, you can reach around XX folks and acquire XX clicks to your web site. You can set any budget you wish (as very little as $1) and start/stop campaigns at the drop of a hat. In other words, there’s virtually no risk to making the move and get started.

The Different varieties of Ads

There’s 10 totally different ways that you’ll advertise your business on Facebook:

  • Boost your posts – Increase the exposure of your Facebook posts.
  • Promote your Page – Promote your business page with the goal of getting additional “likes.”
  • Send people to your web site – Promote your external link, such as your business website.
  • Increase conversions on your website – Like the previous strategy, except you can track what number users will become a customer as a results of your ad.
  • Get installs of your app – Send people to the store so they can they’ll install your app.
  • Increase engagement in your app – For people which have already set up your app, this strategy involves mobile ads that will get useage of the app in an increased manner.
  • Reach potential customers close to your business – Use geolocation to target people close to your business.
  • Raise attendance at your event – Similar to boosting a post, this increases the exposure of a Facebook event.
  • Get potential customers to find and claim your special offers – Promote timely discounts and deals for people to claim in your store.
  • Get video views – Similar to boosting a post, increase the exposure of a video.

What we have found works best in today’s marketplace isn’t go over the the top and sell potential customers one thing or capture leads right out of the gate. But instead, to provide your target customers some thing useful with out having to pay a penny.

By doing this, instead of trying to sell your products to to somebody that has no clue about you, you introduce yourself by providing value to the potential customer. Once they are comfortable with you, they are then increasingly more likely to reach out to make a positive decision to action