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Get a free website

Free Website for small business!

Get a free websiteWant a free website for small business or organisation?

We are so excited here at the County Web Support network. We are really close to announcing a special free website package.

With up to 60% of small businesses not having a web site this sounds like an amazing offer, well once all the hush hush details have been hammered out behind the scenes.

We are looking at offering a free website for small business to those in the Sussex area, we will be rolling this out to the other areas covered by the County Support Network in due course

In the mean time register your interest so you can be one of the first to take advantage when we go live with our new packages.

follow this link and register your interest.

…..And stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks!


We are expanding!

Get low cost local web support in your area

Sussex Web Support was the first part of the County Web Support network. We are now pleased to announce that we are expanding our network to cover more areas to improve local web support for small businesses,

Our network of IT and web support professionals now cover:


Sussex Web Support gets social!

The start of things to come…

Been a busy week here at Sussex Web Support. Following on from the interesting post called Just Do It on the blog site, that is exactly what we have done.

In less than a week we have set up this website, filled it with suitably fresh (but ultimately disposable!) copy, introduced the payment infrastructure, got the communications networks in and finally and by no means lastly got the social media set up as well.

Now thats out of the way the hard work starts…Marketing and getting the customers.

That will be next weeks task 🙂