SEO and Digital Marketing

SEO and Digital Marketing

Our SEO and Digital Marketing services are aimed at providing small businesses quality expertise in actively managing and following a digital strategy.

If you’re not sure what the terms mean then you need to read our articles on What is Search Engine Optimisation and What is Digital Marketing

SEO Services

We offer a one-off free SEO check to get you started and a number of ongoing subscription options depending on your needs.

Actively managing the keywords that you want to be searched for and optimising your content, is an ongoing activity that should be at the heart of your digital strategy. Our services provide a monthly progress report on your keywords and shows analysis of competitor positions.

Optimisation of pages and content is not a one time activity, you should always be testing and learning what improves your content for your readers. Engaged readers make more informed customers.

SEO is all about making your content and therefore your products and services the go to place. This is helped by creating and maintaining relationships with other websites or getting back links. A back link is a link from another website to your website, the better the quality of website that link is from the better your site website will feel to your customers.

Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing covers many areas including SEO. One of the main areas that is a hot topic is Social Marketing. Using Facebook, Twitter or any of the other apps out there will  heighten your business profile and be an integral part of your Social Media marketing plan.

However this only helps when you actively manage it, so it pays to keep it up to date an on top of things. Regular updates and posts as well as responding to your  followers make them  feel special and engaged with your business.

Paid promotion and Pay Per Click (PPC)

Whilst there is much to be said about organic searches provided by good SEO, sometimes you need a quick hit. A way to get your website in front of people immediately is to pay for your keyword to be shown on the results page. This is done with pay per click advertising, like conventional classified ads you create a small ad and then pay for it be shown. However you are likely to share keywords with your competitors who also want to be seen. So a bidding auction takes place, bids are calculated based on how much you want to pay, the quality of the ad, the quality of the page you want to send them to and other factors. The outcome dictates who will be displayed where.

Sound easy? Unfortunately, it can be too easy and if not done correctly expensive as well. So to make sure you don’t pay over the odds we provide a service to monitor and maintain your Adwords advertising campaigns.

Similarly with social media you can actively target your customers with much greater definition than just tweeting or posting. Social Media Marketing adverts can be used to define the demographic of the people you want to reahc by gender, location, age, interests and more. The social media companies like Facebook and Twitter hold lots of data on its users, what they like and what they look for. This data is what allows you to target your adverts in a way that is so much more useful than just a bit of column space in the local newspaper.